Lectures Now on YouTube!

The McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation is pleased to announce that all lectures in the Science and Religion in Modern America Lecture Series will now be available for viewing on YouTube.

To view “The Universe is Our Home: We are Co-Creators in the Jesuit Tradition,” a talk by Fr. George V. Coyne, SJ, McDevitt Chair of Religious Philosophy, in celebration of the official opening of the new science building at Le Moyne College, February 16, 2012, please click on the link below:

The Universe is Our Home: We are Co-Creators in the Jesuit Tradition

Please click the following link to watch Dr. Francisco Ayala’s lecture, “Evolution, Creation and Intelligent Design.”  Dr. Ayala presented on September 20, 2012 at Le Moyne College:

Evolution, Creation and Intelligent Design

Arctic Workshops

Our four Information Systems McDevitt Scholars, Collin Nicol, Alex Constantino, Katherine O’Neill and Manuel Nyagisere are each involved in a breakout group of 20-25 people at the National Academies Arctic Workshop.  They are working with multiple two-star admirals, the CEO of Shell Exploration, the Lieutenant Governor of Alaska, Mead Treadwell, Norwegian and Russian oil company executives, and others involved in industry and environment.  All four students enthusiastically jumped in to each of their groups and created working documents, troubleshot tech problems, summarized the discussions, and charmed the attendees in the social events.

Their faculty mentor, Dr. Martha Grabowski, McDevitt MIS Chair, has heard the comments, ‘Boy, those students are hard working!’ and ‘They just don’t quit!’ again and again.  A University of Washington professor even said, “I could never get my students to do what your students are doing. They just jump in and do whatever is necessary.  What is their magic?”

Congratulations and great work Collin, Alex, Katherine and Manuel!

Manuel Nyagisere ’15, IS McDevitt Scholar, summarizes Models and Resources at his breakout group at the Arctic Workshop.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Martha Grabowski
Katherine O’Neill ’14, IS McDevitt Scholar participating in her group on Operations and Traffic Regulations.
Photo courtesy of Manuel Nyagisere
Collin Nicol ’14, IS McDevitt Scholar, considers arctic emergency responses at his group session.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Martha Grabowski
Alexander Constantino ’14, IS McDevitt Scholar, assesses arctic data information needs at the workshop this morning.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Martha Grabowski

Fr. Coyne Presents Keynote Address

Congratulations to Fr. George Coyne, S.J., McDevitt Chair in Religious Philosophy, who presented the keynote address at the the 30th anniversary festival, AstroFest, of the Kopernik Observatory & Science Center, Vestal, N.Y. on October 12, 2012.

AstroFest, a three day public event featured astronomy workshops, daily solar observing, “Getting Started” discussions for novice astronomers, equipment discussions, daily night sky observing, guest speakers and presentations, family and student workshops, and more.

Kopernik Observatory and Science Center, a not-for-profit organization, is known as a “Space Education Center” and is the first science laboratory facility in New York State designed for K-12 teachers, students and their families.  Its mission is to offer hands-on investigations using advanced telescopes, computers and other tools, encouraging the discovery of the wonders of the Universe.

Please visit the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center’s website at http://www.kopernik.org.

Dr. Martha Grabowski Named Endowed McDevitt Chair in Information Systems

After a national search, Le Moyne College has appointed Martha Grabowski, Ph.D., to the inaugural McDevitt Chair in Information Systems.  Prior to her appointment as McDevitt chair, Dr. Grabowski served as professor and chair of the business administration department and director of the information systems program at Le Moyne.

As chair, Dr. Grabowski’s research will focuses on some of the newest frontiers of large-scale system research, from infrastructure challenges in the Arctic, to the use of social media in extreme warning systems such as tsunamis and hurricanes, to the development of predictive models for disaster prevention and response systems, financial cybersecurity, and global marine transportation safety.

According to Dr. Fred Pestello, Le Moyne College President, Martha’s “work will further extend Le Moyne’s place on the cutting edge of such research and will generate data that contributes to the betterment of society in the areas of transportation, the environment and advance warning for catastrophes.”

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Dr. Martha Grabowski to her new role as McDevitt Chair in Information Systems.

Official Press Release

Dr. Martha Grabowski’s Biography

More About Dr. Grabowski

Dr. Grabowski’s Website

The Dialogue Between Religion and Science

Fr. George Coyne, SJ, McDevitt Chair in Religious Philosophy, is hosting The Dialogue Between Religion and Science on Tuesday, October 30 at 1:30 PM in the Lecture Hall in the Science Center Addition (SCA 100).

Fr. Donald Maldari, SJ, Associate Professor in Religious Studies, and Dr. Larry Tanner, Professor of Environmental Science Systems and Director of the Center for the Study of Environmental Change will serve as commentators.

The event is free and open to the public.

“Evolution, Creation and Intelligent Design”

Lecture Now Available for Viewing

The September 20, 2012 inaugural lecture by Francisco Ayala, Ph.D. is now available online.  This lecture was sponsored by the McDevitt Chair in Religious Philosophy and the McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation.

We invite readers to post their comments, questions or concerns regarding the lecture and/or the relationship between science and religion.

Science & Religion in Modern America

The McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation and the McDevitt Chair in Religious Philosophy at Le Moyne College announces a major, two-year initiative devoted to “Science and Religion in Modern America.” The initiative brings eminent scholars from the sciences and the humanities to Le Moyne to present their most recent reflections on central aspects of the dynamic relationship between science and religion. Embodying Le Moyne’s Catholic and Jesuit commitment to seek the unity of all knowledge, “Science and Religion in Modern America” represents a compelling model for informed and respectful conversation about these critically important issues.

For more information on the Science and Religion initiative please click here.


The Center was pleased to welcome Francisco J. Ayala, Ph.D., University Professor, Donald Bren Professor of Political Science and Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Irvine to the Le Moyne College campus this past September as the series’ inaugural lecturer.

Dr. Ayala’s lecture was titled, “Evolution, Creation and Intelligent Design.” Briefly, scientific evolution is a very creative process whereby scientists seek to explain by natural processes even the most complex of living organisms. This scientific quest as such neither asserts nor denies the work of a creator God. Some scientists have invoked the need for intelligent design and, therefore, a designer. In so doing, they are stepping outside the bounds of science.

We encourage faculty, students, and community members to continue the dialogue on the relationship between science and religion by posting any comments or questions below.