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Grabowski Appointed to National Academies/National Research Council’s Transportation Research Board/Marine Board

Martha Grabowski, McDevitt Distinguished Chair in Information Systems, was appointed to the National Academies/National Research Council’s Transportation Research Board/Marine Board. Grabowski is returning to the Board that she previously chaired. The National Research Council is the operating division of the National Academies, and is a private, non-profit institution. Under a Congressional charter granted to the National Academy of Sciences, the NRC provides scientific and technical advice to the government, the public and the scientific and engineering communities.

The Fall meeting of the Marine Board will convene November 10-13, 2015 in Washington, DC. Two McDevitt Undergraduate Research in IS Fellows, Jonathan Martial ’17 and Steven Middleton ’16, will attend the Board meeting and assist in the Arctic search and rescue focus session, which ADM Bob Papp, USCG (retired), the US representative to the Arctic Council, and VADM Michel, USCG, Deputy Commandant of the Coast Guard, will lead.

Dr. Grabowski just returned from participating in Arctic Zephyr, a multinational Arctic search and rescue exercise in Anchorage, Alaska, hosted by the US Coast Guard, that exercised an 8-nation SAR response to a 2000-passenger vessel casualty in Arctic waters with air, marine, ground and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) resources. 60 representatives from all Arctic nations except Russia participated in the exercise.  The Anchorage exercise is a precursor to the live exercise of this vessel rescue scenario that is planned off the west coast of Greenland in May/June 2016.

Grabowski Gives Earth Day Briefings on Oil Spill Response

Martha Grabowski, the McDevitt Chair in Information Systems, chaired a 2-year National Research Council policy study on ‘Responding to Oil Spills in the Arctic Marine Environment’ that was released to the public on April 23, 2014.  Grabowski briefed the report to the 8 agency sponsors* in a pre-release briefing on Earth Day, April 22nd, in Washington, DC.

The report recommended that more benchmark Arctic environmental, biological and oceanic information; research investigating the tradeoffs and impacts of oil spill response technologies in the Arctic; investments in Arctic infrastructure and logistics; and improvements in structured and inclusive decision processes with local impacted community members are needed for effective Arctic oil spill response.

Grabowski also briefed Senators Begich (D-Alaska) and Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Congressional staff and committees, including the Senate Commerce and Energy Committees, the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee, and the House Energy committee on April 22 and 23rd in Washington, DC.

Grabowski will brief the State Department on the report on May 12, and will give a public webinar to Washington NGOs on May 12. She will give a briefing in Anchorage to Alaska constituents and will take the report briefings to Arctic North Slope villages in Alaska in June and July.

Interviews and coverage of the report were provided by the Houston Chronicle, Science, National Geographic, Reuters, Alaska Public Radio, the Alaska Dispatch and Alaska Daily News, a variety of environmental and oil industry publications, as well as in press releases from the agency sponsors, the Senators and the Congressional committees.

Grabowski will present the report at the International Oil Spill Conference in Savannah May 7-9, 2014.

A free download of the report: Responding to Oil Spills in the U.S. Arctic Marine Environment

* Sponsors: American Petroleum Institute, Arctic Research Commission, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (Dept of Interior), Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (Dept of Interior), US Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Marine Mammals Commission, and the Oil Spill Recovery Institute.

McDevitt Scholars Engaged in High Profile BNY Mellon Big Data Project

On Monday, November 25 in New York City, Tyler Dygert ’15, Joe Miller ’16 and their mentor, Dr. Martha Grabowski, McDevitt Chair in Information Systems, will participate in a ‘Shark Tank’ evaluation of BNY Mellon’s top Big Data projects.  Tyler and Joe are collaborating with BNY Mellon’s Chief Information Officer, Suresh Kumar, and their Chief Data Officer, Dave Gleason on one of the company’s winning Big Data projects.

This opportunity is possible due to the support of Le Moyne’s Information Systems Program Advisory Board members and Madden Mentors, Frank Perrelli and Mike Dermody, who routinely seek to engage Le Moyne students in all aspects of corporate business operations.


New McDevitt Scholars Announced

The McDevitt Center is pleased to announce the 2013-2014 McDevitt Scholars in Information Systems.  As part of the Center’s new initiative devoted to “Grand Challenges,” these eleven scholars will work with Dr. Martha Grabowski (McDevitt Chair in Information Systems) to design and carry out research projects centered around five themes: next generation computing user interfaces (e.g. Google Glass); large-scale data initiatives; arctic oil exploration and spill response; ethics in large-scale disaster response; and the future of high reliability organizations and risk management.

Topic: Google Glass
James Cochran ’14, English and Religious Studies (Summer and Fall 2013 Scholar)
Nicholas Olin ’16, Chemistry, Integral Honors
Christopher Pichardo ’15, Information Systems
Ryan Romich ’15, Marketing, Information Systems, Business Analytics
Rebecca Wolf ’14, Management and Leadership, Information Systems

Topic: Large – Scale/Big Data – Global Enterprise Technology (GET) Project
Tyler Dygert ’14, Business Analytics, Information Systems
Joe Miller ‘16, Information System

Topic: Traditional and Non-Traditional Next Generation Medicine
Ashley Strazzella ’14, Biological Sciences, minor in Physics

Topic: Oil Spill Response, Supply Chain, Logistics, Security
Dara DeGennaro ’15, Business Analytics, Information System (Summer and Fall 2013 Scholar)
Collin Nicol ’13, Criminology, minor in Information Systems (Summer 2013 Scholar)

We will share additional information on each scholar and his/her project in the coming weeks.

McDevitt Scholars to Present Research at Le Moyne College Scholars Day Conference

Katherine O'Neill '14 prepares for Scholars Day.
Katherine O’Neill ’14 prepares for Scholars Day.

Six McDevitt Information Systems Scholars, mentored by Dr. Martha Grabowski (McDevitt Chair in Information Systems), have spent the 2012-2013 academic year researching various issues surrounding oil spill response and the Arctic.  In addition to scouring the depths of libraries and studying many kinds of documents, they have also met with leading experts in oil spill response, whale hunters from Barrow, Alaska, and top state government officials.  Some had the opportunity to travel to Seattle, Washington and others to Fairbanks, Alaska to further their research.

On Friday, April 19, 2013 they will present the fruits of their months-long academic research at the annual Le Moyne College Scholars Day Conference.  Each will offer a brief presentation followed by a question and answer period.  We invite our followers to attend the conference.  It is free and open to the public.

Schedule for McDevitt Scholars:

10:15 a.m – 10:30 a.m
Karissa Goessl ‘13, finance and business analytics
“The issues in Oil Spill Response Logistics”

11:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
Katherine O’Neill ’14, psychology
“Increased Shipping and Navigation Technologies in a Melting Arctic”

2:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Nour El-Houda Sahraoui ’13, biological sciences
“Measuring Twitter User Influence During Extreme Events on College and University Campuses”

2:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Manuel Sande Nyagisere ’15, physics
“Climate Change and Its Impact on the Survival of Indigenous Peoples”

3:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Alexander Constantino ’14, finance and information systems
“The Development of Market Growth from the Integration of Autonomous Robotic Vehicles in the Arctic Region”

3:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.
Patrick Curtin ’15, biological sciences
“Arctic Oil Spill Response: Data Collection in the Arctic Specific to Arctic Bird Species (A Literature Review)

4:30 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.
Closing Reception and an opportunity to meet available McDevitt Scholars

*Collin Nicol, Fall 2012 McDevitt Information Systems Scholar, conducted research in the various responsibilities of the Coast Guard in the Arctic region.  He will not be presenting at Scholars Day.  He has, however, recently graduated from the Police Academy.  We congratulate him and wish him the best of luck.

The Scholars Day program is available here: Scholars Day Program 2013

Le Moyne Scholarship Winners Get Connected

On Sunday, March 22 over 100 recipients of Le Moyne College’s Class of 2017 Presidential, Dean, Ignatian, and Loyola scholarships came to campus to learn about the incredible opportunities available at Le Moyne.

Helping to fire their imaginations were our current McDevitt Chairs–Rev. George Coyne, S.J., McDevitt Chair in Religious Philosophy and Dr. Martha Grabowski, McDevitt Chair in information Systems.  Their joint presentation, entitled “Getting Connected: How Oil Spill Response and the Expanding Universe are Related,” powerfully demonstrated how a Le Moyne, liberal arts education, works across disciplinary boundaries to create rich, illuminating, and surprising connections.

Joining professors Coyne and Grabowski were two undergraduate McDevitt Scholars–Alexander Constantino (’14) and Patrick Curtin (’15)—who shared their own experiences as independent researchers and talked about the exciting opportunities that are opening for them as a result of the work they’ve done, and connections they’ve made, here at Le Moyne.

Rev. George V. Coyne, S.J., Alex Constantino '14, Patrick Curtin '15, and Dr. Martha Grabowski at Schloarship Presentation Day.
Rev. George V. Coyne, S.J., Alex Constantino ’14, Patrick Curtin ’15, and Dr. Martha Grabowski at Scholarship Presentation Day.