Dr. Cathy Gutierrez to Speak on The Deviant and The Dead Tonight

Nineteenth-century Spiritualists assured the grieving that their loved ones were thriving in the afterlife. Spiritualists threw open the pearly gates to all humanity, admitting even criminals into heaven. At the same moment, the science of criminology was born, fathered by committed Spiritualist Cesare Lombroso. Investigations into deviance both here and in the hereafter required new techniques for detecting the deviant hiding in plain sight, inaugurating new thinking about human futures.

2015-07-14 14.37.55 (2)-2Join us tonight, Monday, November 9th at 5:30 p.m. in Le Moyne’s Panasci Family Chapel as Dr. Cathy Gutierrez discusses the implications of these new techniques in a lecture entitled The Deviant and the Dead: Incarnations of Crime.’’

This lecture is part of the McDevitt Center lecture series on the Future of Being Human and is being offered in conjunction with a class of the same name that examines the question of what it means to be human in the twenty-first century from a multi-disciplinary lens.

Dr. Cathy Gutierrez received her bachelor’s degree from Vassar College and her master’s and doctorate in religion from Syracuse University. She was a professor of Religion at Sweet Briar College for 18 years. The author of Plato’s Ghost: Spiritualism in the American Renaissance (Oxford University Press, 2009), she is the editor of several collections, most recently the Brill Handbook of Spiritualism and Channeling (2015).

This lecture is free and open to the public. For additional information please contact the McDevitt Center at mcdevittcenter@lemoyne.edu or (315) 445-6200.

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